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Contest ends this Saturday, Jan 9th at 4:20pm.

Prize: Ounce of weed FREE + 1 pack of bonnie & Clyde gummies (420mg) + Weed and Coffee Mug by Uber Weeds Canada.

Enter our contest in the next 4 days for your chance to win a FREE ounce of weed + 1 pack of bonnie & Clyde gummies (420mg) + Weed and Coffee Mug!

If you enter our contest before Jan 9th 4:20pm with a order, you are automatically entered to win an ounce AAAA + 1 pack of bonnie & Clyde gummies (420mg) + Weed and Coffee Mug, via our website

Must be 19 + to Enter

The winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of orders that are placed
on our website between Jan 5th to Jan 9th

Again any order placed on our website starting from Jan 5th to Jan 9th 4:20pm will be entered into the pool.

Increase your chances of winning by the amount of orders you have placed over the next 5 days via our website.

Good Luck and 2021 can start off to a great start here!

To enter: Contestants please feel free to place an order via our website

How to collect your FREE OZ of weed:

  1. You must be 19+ and have an account with Uber Weeds Canada in order to claim your prize.
  2. Winner’s will be announced on our twitter feed Monday Jan 11th , and contacted by email to claim your FREE Prize.

Best of luck to all of our contestants!

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Why you should choose Us? Uber Weeds Canada

Why you should choose Us? Uber Weeds Canada

Buying weed online has become the new norm for Canadians. Thanks to the power of the internet buying weed online has never been easier especially if you’re someone with an extremely busy lifestyle.

No need to meet a dealer on the street corner or take that trip to a dispensary when you can spend that time at home doing the things you love.

When buying weed online from a trusted and reputable website like you have the safety of being your home and have various advantages. Read below for some of the reasons why you should consider trying Uber Weeds Canada.

When is comes to shopping online convenience is one of the biggest factor. If you are disabled or live far away from a dispensary eliminate
the need to take public transportation or drive in traffic.

Simply place your order via and get your weed delivered Uber fast in the Greater Toronto Area and 2 business days cross Canada shipping.

Uber Weeds Canada is a delivery service so we do not charge for the cannabis you only pay a flat fee for delivery based on the weight of your order.

You may ask why is the weed free? Uber Weeds Canada only works in partnership with large private legal growers to help promote there strain, to get in the hands of you the customers to get feed back.

Super Discreet
One of the biggest benefits of ordering from Uber Weeds Canada is that super discreet. Most people have jobs or personal life that may be negatively affected by others seeing them going into a local dispensary.

Additionally, if you are an introvert and really feel anxious in socia settings, being in a weed dispensary can be a bit overwhelming. When buying in a dispensary most customers feel rushed when it comes to making a decision due to the long line-ups in store.

When buying from Uber Weeds Canada you can avoid the hassle of dealing with all that. You can take as much time as you like looking over options and strains, add to shopping card at your own pace, select payment and your order is on the way.

Higher quality & Bigger selection
Dispensaries normally carry a limited selection based on what customers are ordering most, they can’t keep weed aging on the shelves.

Uber Weeds Canada have a larger selection because we are dealing with a larger customer base than your local dispensary, therefore you have a better variety of products including strains, edibles, concentrates and more to choose from.

By far better prices
Unlike a physical dispensaries Uber Weeds Canada do not have a huge overhead, deals in a larger volumes and has a much larger customer base.

This allows Uber Weeds Canada to pass on these savings to you the customer. You will also save yourself gas money or public transit fare from having to drive to the dispensary.

Choose Uber Weeds Canada today as your go to place for Uber Fast Weed delivery or by mail order across Canada.

If you are one of the many Canadians who order weed online in Canada, choose Uber Weeds Canada when buying weed only high-quality
cannabis with Uber Fast delivery across the Greater Toronto Area or 2 business day via Canada post Canada wide.

Buy with confidence knowing your getting only the highest-quality cannabis products such as Pre-rolled joints, Flower, Edibles, Shatter, CBD Oil, Concentrates and more.

Always the best prices with discreet delivery right to your door step anywhere in Canada.

Visit to place your order now, “Weed is always FREE” just pay for delivery which is based on  weight. 

How To Place An Order With Uber Weeds Canada


If for any reason your not 100% thrilled with our product please let us know and we will make it right.

First-Time Customers

You must be 21 years or older with 2 pieces of ID to order.

How To Place An Order:

1) Check our menu online at UBERWEEDSCANADA.COM

2) Please text or call +1 (800)-820-4287 to place your order.

3) Your order will be discretely packaged and will arrive at your door steps in 30min – 2hrs (depending on area, traffic, high volume) day

All orders done after closing hours will be delivered the following day at your convenience.

If client misses delivery there will be a $20 fee for coming back (for gas and partial driver fee)

Uber Weeds Canada Delivery

BUY ANY 4 EIGHTS ( 1/2 OZ ) for only $110. Over 10 premium strains to choose from.

Visit us online now to place your order

How to Pay with Credit Card through PayPal without PayPal Account via

Uber Weeds Canada Review

My Go to Place for Online Weed Delivery in Canada!

Uber Weeds Canada is by far the best place I have come across to order online weed in Downtown Toronto Canada. I was really impressed by the services offered by them. What I liked best about my experience with Uber Weeds Canada is the fact that they actually deliver what they promise. I had ordered Sativa, and trust me it was the best and one of the highest quality varieties of Sativa I had ever received through any online weed delivery provider in Canada.

I would really recommend ordering from Uber Weeds Canada, and get a first-hand experience at how amazing they are with their services. I even asked a few of my friends to join their online community, and each one of them only had good things to say about them. I love the fact that Uber Weeds Canada delivers the highest-grade cannabis and too on your doorstep! To add to it, the packaging of the product was really up to mark, much more impressive than what I had expected it to be.

As a relatively new online cannabis community, Uber Weeds Canada is gradually making its mark on users who look forward to reviewing and using the best quality cannabis for medical or adult use. From Bruce banner, Sweet Kush, Jamaican Sess, Meteorite gas, Purple Gelato to Blackberry; there are endless varieties of high grade weed that you can get delivered by Uber Weeds Canada at your doorstep.

In the past, I have tried a number of other online weed delivery services in Canada, but none of them matched the speed at which Uber Weeds Canada offers its services. So, I am really glad that I found Uber Weeds Canada with its quick and efficient weed delivery services.

Last but not least, I can not leave out from mentioning the dedicated and friendly team at Uber Weeds Canada that makes for a great customer support. They really made the whole process from ordering to getting my order delivered right at my doorstep so smooth, easy and convenient.

Right from the time when I made my order to the time it was delivered to me, there were no hassles in between the process. So, guys, if you are looking for a reliable weed delivery service in Canada that you can blindly trust, then Uber Weeds Canada is where you need to head!